Worthy Word Works

I’m Carmen Borgia, owner-operator of Worthy Sound Works and this website. I’m a sound designer and mixer, musician and producer of things audio. Sometimes we folk who do specialized, creative work need to throw a wide net to keep busy and fed, so I get involved with a variety of work in the sound and music field. Also, since I’m not running a museum, I’ve got to keep developing my skills in both the craft and art of sound and music to keep up. This blog will act as a bit of a journal to share with others and remind myself of where I’ve been.

A brief bio: Born Feb 3, 1959, the day the music died, in Jacksonville, FL. Grew up in Newark, Ohio. I was not a musician or artiste early on, but I really liked to take things apart and manufacture any sort of thing kids of that era could get into, including model airplanes and cars and electronics. I got into drama the summer after 8th grade and after that I just wanted to be in a theater. I acted in a couple of plays, but the technical parts drew me in first. I went to UC in San Diego for an undergrad degree in drama, but I was itchy to get real gigs in real-world theater. I moved around the state doing lots of jobs in lighting, scenery and sound in San Diego, San Francisco and Salinas. I had gotten the music bug at UCSD, singing in rock bands as much as I could. From there I got into recording and moved to NYC because biggest, which in turn took me into sound for film and video. I ran the sound department at DuArt Film and Video in NYC for over ten years, where I got a comprehensive sampling of film projects and every kind of client. I also got a great education in how studios run. I departed in 2012 and moved to Catskill with my wife, Alison Davy. There I started Worthy Sound Works, of which I am the sole proprietor.

WSW is my humble basement studio, I’ve got a couple of nice audio workstations, a selection of practical and fun gear and my collection of essential musical instruments in in an ever-developing configuration. I do stereo and 5.1 mixing there to professional specs. All kinds of things keep me busy in the studio – music tracking, MIDI arranging, foley, practicing ukulele, and lately, video production for teleconferencing. I’m writing this in May 2020, six weeks into Covid-19 social distancing, and suddenly everyone is teleconferencing and needs help with sound and lighting. You just never know where work will come from.

This blog is where I’ll get into detail on my personal projects, starting with the current opus, a musical I wrote titled South. It’s been workshopped at a few theaters and it’s time to make brilliant recording of the whole thing. It will be a giant puzzle built and assembled with limited funds, and I’ll document some of that here. Art is social, this blog will be a place for supporters to follow what I’m doing. I’ll also get into detail on smaller projects, which have in recent years included sound for animations, podcasting and system installation in churches and theaters. It won’t be any one thing, but all kinds of Carmenismo.

Thank you for reading,
Carmen Borgia